Environment Friendly Model Home Built in Simcoe County

A model of an environment-friendly house with several "green" features was built near Waubaushene by Coldwater-based Global Sustainable Solutions.

According to company owner Cody Smith, the single-storey model home is Canada's first LEED Platinum, EnergyStar, Solar-Ready, Net-Zero-Ready, Passive House dwelling.

All of its features refer to nationally recognized certification programs and guidelines that are working towards an energy efficient design and construction methods.

Global Sustainable Solutions has a team of experts deeply committed to providing diversified, sustainable and environment-friendly housing solutions.

Smith hopes that the company will lead the way for the next generation of housing standards for sustainable and affordable home building in Simcoe County.

The company also prides itself on obtaining one of the most prestigious certifications - the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum designation.

Some of the other "green" features include super-insulated walls and attics, extreme air-tightness ratings, passive solar design, triple-pane windows, greywater recycling, flooring and trim milled from site-harvested timber as well as environmentally friendly construction materials and practices.

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