Situated 40 minutes from Barrie and less than 2 hours from the Greater Toronto Area, Stayner is today considered urban, rural as well as an agricultural community.

In Stayner, now known as "Clearview" residents and tourists are able to enjoy the extensive natural heritage resources such as the Niagara Escarpment, the Minesing Wetland and the designated UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Visitors will surely enjoy the peaceful and quiet charm of Clearview Township and experience one of the most appealing scenery and natural beauty in the region.
Gazebo in Stayner

Stayner is a place where people stay impressed by the magnificent scenery and the flowing rivers and streams. Through the years, Stayner (Clearview) has turned into a busy little town with a main street, elaborate brick buildings, small-town restaurants and established schools. It also offers a variety of different homes – it is a town consisting of both newer and older houses, both smaller and bigger houses, town houses and many more.

Stayner gives visitors the opportunity to live life to the fullest and enjoy the many great things in Simcoe County that make Canada such a great place to live.