Matt Stuart

Sales Representative

           Matt’s role with the Signature Sold Team is essential to the team’s adept performance and wide range of services.  Specializing in assisting Buyers and ensuring their needs, wants and desires are met when purchasing a home, Matt’s hard work and diligence push him to go the extra mile. Previous to Real Estate, Matt built his experience in retail and the service industry, where customer service and client relationships were at the utmost of importance. As a long term hockey player with an immense love of the sport, he embodies a similar team spirit and competitive drive and brings this to his work. His approachable character and professionalism come naturally to him – but most importantly, he retains a down to earth personality that makes business matters feel easy going and comfortable.

        The transition into Real Estate was an obvious decision for Matt; it was always on his radar as a prospective career choice. This decision was fuelled by his love of meeting clients from all walks of life, and the challenge becoming his own business owner presented him with. Real Estate would give him complete control of his financial future, in a way that didn’t hinder him from exercising his passion for helping other people find happiness – especially in something as important to them as finding and securing their next home.

        Matt brings unparalleled customer service, dedication and work ethic to the Signature Sold Team. His attention to detail and genuine ability to connect with each of his clients, paired with the services the team provides, allows him to excel in the areas he is strongest in.

        “Family oriented. Driven. Ahead of the current market. These are the attributes that led me to join the Signature Sold Team. They provide a tremendous support group and have offered me all of the training I needed, creating the perfect environment to grow and become the best agent I can. With them, I am able to offer the effectual service I would not be able to supply alone. My team is composed of driven innovators that are always ahead of the game in terms of marketing, branding, and services - which is why they create a phenomenal role model to structure my business after”.

– Matt, on what he loves about working with the Signature Sold Team

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