Shelby Elstone

Buyer & Sales Representative

Shelby’s eagerness to learn and improve, accompanied by her ability to adapt to the needs of others, makes her a natural fit for the world of Real Estate. Having grown up in Halliburton where she thrived on outdoor sports and adventure, and working in the service industry for numerous years, it is clear that she is very drawn to team dynamics. As she thrives in an environment of mutual support, the Signature Sold Team is perfect for her.

Real Estate has always been of interest to Shelby. With a constant thirst for new endeavours and challenges, finding clients the perfect home to suit their specific needs offers her both job satisfaction and personal satisfaction. She brings with her the keen ability to listen to the wants and needs of clients. She maintains an open mind when it comes to discovering new approaches, and uses these approaches to manifest wants and needs into reality.

Shelby chose the Signature Sold Team for their professionalism, friendly attitudes, and their paramount support system. Not only are her fellow Sales Representatives there to benefit one another, but the wonderful administrative team in place is always working diligently to streamline everything and minimize room for error.

“No matter what, there is always someone there to help if needed. It has been a great learning experience with the team so far, and I am beyond excited for what is to come in the future, as we continue to grow”

– Shelby on what she loves about working for the Signature Sold Team


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