Suzanne Reu

Buyer & Sales Representative

Suzanne Reu was raised in the Kawarthas, on Stoney Lake, where she grew up watching her father construct beautiful homes. This ignited in her a fascination with seeing the potential for beautification and equity building. Constantly finding herself excited about a “diamond in the rough”, Suzanne decided to channel this passion through Real Estate. For her, helping others find the right “deal”, and shedding light on the full potential of all different types of homes and properties, is something that comes naturally to her.

Prior to her launch into Real Estate, Suzanne spent 12 years as a self-employed owner/therapist of Muscle Matters Massage Therapy Clinic. Owning and operating her own business successfully created a smooth transition into building her career in the business of Real Estate. Suzanne completed her 4th level CGA (Certified General Accounting) and played a substantial role in writing a Marine Based Accounting Package. With such a strong background in Business Administration and Accounting, she brings with her a sharp wit and unquestionably reliable grasp of all the financial aspects of Buying and Selling.

After personally buying and selling two homes with The Signature Sold Team, Suzanne gained a sincere appreciation for the team and their level of success. She knew that their shared values and work ethic would make them a wonderful alliance. Since joining the Signature Sold Team, Suzanne has added unrivalled value. It is clear that she is eager to help educate people, and ensure they feel comfortable understanding a fast and ever-changing market. She brings invaluable life experience, the gift of communicating and connecting with clients, and a genuine enthusiasm to the Team.

“I bought my last two homes with Kristina and Nadene. With the intent of joining the Real Estate world myself - I took the ‘can’t beat them, join them’ approach. We have developed a friendship that has made working together enjoyable and fulfilling.”

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